Thursday, January 10, 2008

Clasico Joven

I think it would have been better had America played San Luis and Cruz Azul to play Atlas. Then at least you'd have a chance of America and Cruz Azul joining Chivas in Libertadores, and that's a formidable field.

As it stands, we get quite a treat on Saturday as America will play rivals Cruz Azul in the Clasico Joven at Home Depot Center. We've gotten to see the Clascio Regiomontano at HDC and now this. A colleague asked which is the second-best Mexican clasico behind America-Chivas and I told him the Monterrey-Tigres one is a pretty heated rivalry but it's more a regional one. There were hardly any Monterrey and/or Tigres fans when those two teams met out here in 2006, as it was all Chivas colors in the stands that day. America-Cruz Azul, Chivas-Atlas, America-Pumas, you can't go wrong with those ones. And yes, even though those teams are from the same city, it's not necessarily a regional rivalry because those clubs transcend their locales.

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Peter said...

I've been a little disapointed to not see more coverage of the USMNT camp at the HDC. Last years coverage was great and the reason i found the blog and also why i check back daily. Hopefully you guys will be able to post some pictures and interviews soon.