Saturday, January 19, 2008

And the winner is

565, folks.

Welcome to 2008.

Last night, at practice, I was wishing "Happy New Year" to the U.S. Soccer staff, since it was the first time this year I'd seen them. Neil Beuthe admitted that it seemed weird to him to hear good wishes about 2008. He pointed out that we were in the middle of January.

That was a valid point.

So I merely nodded hello to Landon Donovan when he walked over for his interview.

"Happy New Year, Andrea," said Landon.

As far as our blog goes, Luis has been crazy-busy with family stuff, and I've been away, so things are just getting started here at Sideline Views. We hope you'll come along for the ride of whatever this year holds.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, Luis,
As I mentioned earlier, there's still an issue with the 556 template where links don't visibly appear on the page until you hover your mouse over them. That makes it very hard to see where you have a link in the middle of your articles. Does everyone else see that in their browsers as well? I see it in both IE and Firefox.
Can you please change the template so links are more visible OR make a mention in the text (e.g. "[LINK HERE]") when you add a link?
Thanks. This may sound picky, but you provide great links and I hate to miss them! Love the blog!

A.C. said...

That's definitely a drawback. I'll talk to Luis. I'm thinking I'll just add an underline or a bold to that text whenever I link something. It was nice having the template do that automatically, but I'm willing to try to go the extra mile for our readers who like that feature.

Coach said...

Welcome back A.C. & Happy New Year! lol

Regarding the links, bold or different colour font (or both)for the links works very well.

Soledad said...

I think the entirety of January is appropriate to drop the "Happy New Year", certainly among people you work with/are close to.

Landon was raised right. ;)