Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carson capers

Carson, is, of course, the home of the Home Depot Center, which is home to the both the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chivas USA, though only the Galaxy is mentioned in this LA Weekly article about the troubles plauging Carson politics.

The YouTube video of the council meeting is pretty hilarious, though, especially when Carson mayor Jim Dear calls for a doctor to come to the rescue.

Also amusing to WNT fans will be Dear's assertion that Brandi Chastain's famous jersey-removing moment took place in Carson. He doesn't even remember her name, calling her "the woman".

That happened in Pasadena, actually, at the Rose Bowl, (former home of the Galaxy) where the U.S. women won the World Cup. In Carson in 2003, they didn't even play in the final. They finished third after losing the semi-final to Germany, the eventual champion.

Perhaps Dear should be recalled just for getting that so horribly wrong.

On the other hand, it is disturbing to read that a place where so many elite athletes work out is infamous for industrial pollution.


Soledad said...

Wimins don't have names, they have babies. Broads are interchangeable.

If the pollution doesn't kill the athletes, it'll make them stronger, with their iron lungs and all.

Anonymous said...

don't you see all those refineries, and smoke stackes popping out along the 405 through carson? it's sickening. i feel sorry for the families who live there, and the kids who have to go to school in the vicinity. i can only imagine what p.e. must be like, with that pollution. get the heck out of dodge people!!!