Thursday, January 3, 2008

First impressions

InterLiga is back.

That didn't exactly stir emotion among Dallas-area soccer fans. Only 8,504 showed up to watch the first doubleheader on Wednesday at Pizza Hut Park, a low number when you consider that the third and fourth most popular Mexican teams (Pumas, Cruz Azul) participated.

The games, incidentally, were each 1-0 finals as Pumas beat Monterrey and San Luis beat Cruz Azul.

Let me see... cold weather, low-scoring preseason games, gotta work the next morning... okay, I think I figured out why attendance didn't crack 10,000.


Anonymous said...

even though i am a strong supporter of cruz azul, i have come to not care about this tourney. yea i know, someone could say that is because my team always flops, but seriously that isn't the reason. it is obvious that most of the teams involved don't want to be there playing. hopefully this will be the last season for interliga.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood why Interliga is played in the US in the middle of January. The weather is miserable outside of a few pockets.

FC Uptown said...

Changes afoot at FCD and PHP.