Thursday, January 10, 2008

Email news

I feel out of touch on vacation - though I realize that's the point, I have to admit, I miss being on the spot for new stories.

Anyway, by email I did find out that the Galaxy have signed three players to new contracts, Alan Gordon, Chris Albright and Steve Cronin.

That doesn't mean they're going to stick around the team for long, though. Albright was trade bait last year and might be so again - the Galaxy have few other tradeable options.


Anonymous said...

the Cronin renewal is good news, might come in handy when Cannon (age/$) could be used aswell as a tradebait thanks to that.

As for Albright I witheld my judge since I haven't seen him play yet apaprt from downunder.

Gordon is a decent back up option compared to Pavon for example.


Coach said...

And we miss you being on the spot for new stories too! But we naturally hope you are having a great vacation. :)

Speaking of Hope, she confirmed in another recent interview with K5 News that she indeed did loose 10 lbs in the months following the WC so it wasn't the "slimming" black she had on (your pics from Dec camp) & it wasn't our imagination either.

Link follows if interested: