Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New duties

Martin Vasquez's duties will likely be much like these, running players through drills like he did in this pic from a year ago.
I can already picture some of the players talking to Martin.
Bayern player: Where were you at before Bayern?
Martin: Chivas USA.
Bayern player: Who? What's that?
Martin: Nevermind.


FC Uptown said...

Luis at "Red Card" in the Tribune, with a very similar piece to A.C.'s last week. What is going on with these teams? Help these journo's out!

Anonymous said...

lol, that's the same reaction a classmate of mine got. She introduced herself: "I'm currently interning with Chivas USA" ...

Professor "Who?"

Intern: "Chivas USA, it's a soccer team, they play at the Home Depot Center."

Professor: "Oh, you mean where the Galaxy play. I actually grew up in the same block as Cobi Jones...."

Never did we talk about Chivas USA again. ;]

Anonymous said...

good for martin vasquez - this is the next stage in the evolution of american soccer - former players taking up (assistant) coaching jobs outside the US - they will be able to bring fresh/higher-level ideas back, hopefully, to american soccer.

incidentally, where is the outrage from AC/LB, our trusted LA soccer journalists, over the non-inclusion of a certain LA player in the english squad? the dude did everything he could to get himself fit, injury-free, etc., and capello pulls another meanie-move on him? fabio might have been a great club coach, but one of the things about a national team is that history counts for something, and this is a player who is unabashedly patriotic and has come through for his country time and again...

Anonymous said...

LB and AC:

Are you going to post on Landon's recent press conference about the upcoming match vs. Mexico.

Landon was up to his old tricks stirring up the pot like a prize fighter before a boxing match, saying he was going to "baptize" Memo Ochoa. Classic Landycakes.