Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mia Hamm Challenge Running Blog

Game just started. Mia's team is team Red Mia Hamm, Pat Noonan, Elizabeth Shue, Chris Albright, Milo Ventimiglia, Andy Samberg, Lieberthal, Eric Wynalda, Seth Myers, Taylor Twelman, Joy Fawcett, Casey Jennings, Ty Pennington, Eric Braeden
Nomar's is blue; Landon Donovan, Bianca Kajlich, Colleti, Tony Hawk, Alan Hopkins, Julie Foudy, Carlos Mencia, Kristine Lilly, Kim Ng, Tisha Hoch, Alexi Lalas, Anthony LaPaglia, Brad Guzan,

1-Ty Pennington miffed a Mia Hamm cross, though he was right in front of goal
2-Mia takes it herself this time. Goal! 1-0 to Mia
Anthony LaPaglia is in the blue goal, so now he's been scored on by David Beckham and Mia Hamm both. Wonder how many people can say that.
5- Taylor Twellman bangs it off the crossbar. Nomar's team needs to get going.
6- Casey Jennings scores. I have no idea either. Turns out he's the beach volleyball guy. I don't know. 2-0
8- Rivers Cuomo gets one back for Nomar's team. He took a nice pass from Julie Foudy, I believe. 2-1
10- Elizabeth Shue subs in for Pennington. Should be an upgrade.
11- Wynalda (I think) scores from the halfway stripe. 3-1 Mia
13- Mia and Jennings work a nice give and go that leaves hims alone on goal. 4-1 Nomar is getting spanked.
12- Landon Donovan passes to Tisha Hoch (Venturini) for a blue goal. There's too much subbing, I can't keep track of when he came on. 4-2
13- Mia almost scores again.
14- Pete Vagenas, whose name was horribly butchered during introductions, tries to set up Tony Hawk, but the ball is saved off the line.
15- Landon to Pete to Kristine Lilly - she tops the shot way over goal. Weird. It was almost too easy.
15 - Last shot of the half - Eric Braeden scores! Yeah, Victor from Young and the Restless. I think Guzan needs to get in goal for team Nomar.
The celebrities who played pretty well - Jennings, Hawk looked ok too. Also, that guy from Heroes, Milo Ventimiglia, even though he's kinda small.
Second period
16 -Taylor Twellman is in goal this half for Mia's team. He just make a save.
18- Team Blue scores. It's another volleyball guy, Fonomoana, or something.
25- Landon scores, I missed it, really, just saw him jogging back. 5-4
27- Alan Hopkins had the tying goal on his foot, but puts it off the crossbar.
28- Andy Samberg has about three chances to put the ball in, Guzan blocks them all.
28- Rivers Cuomo one on one versus Twellman, puts it wide.
29 - Mia feeds Pennington again. Guzan picks the ball off his foot.
Now it's halftime. Mia gives a speech to introduce the audience to the Foundation's goal, which is to increase bone marrow registration. Mia's brother, Garrett, fought aplastic anemia for years (he finally got a marrow transplant, but developed an infection and died in 1997). The cause is very personal and meaningful to her.
BTW, Nomar isn't playing. Apparently, his MLB contract doesn't allow him to do so, for fear he might get hurt. Lame. Tony Hawk, (my hero) he gets hurt all the time. Course, skateboarding isn't a team sport.
2nd Half
32- Eric Braeden scores for Red. I think Milo had the assist. 6-4
34- Brad Guzan, who is now on the field, scores on Taylor Twellman and then does a little "hush" finger signal. 6-5
36- Guzan gets a sweet pass from Foudy and scores on Taylor again. Tied game. 6-6
37- Taylor does save a shot from Foudy.
39- Ty Pennington finally scores. I think the ball kind of hit him and went in. 7-6 Mia
41- Jennings passes to Wyss (head of Soccer for Hope) Goal! 8-6
42- Kajlich gets a cross right in front of goal, but it rolls right over her foot.
43- Wynalda scores. Jaime thinks Wynalda can still play in MLS. 9-6
44- Milo Ventimiglia doesn't seem to realize it, but he has masking tape stuck to his red shorts.
44- Wynalda scores again. 10-6
45 - Vagenas scores for blue 10-7
45- Guzan scores for blue again. 10-8.
It's funny how the birds of a feather flock together. During the break, Shue talks with Ventimiglia, the SNL guys appear to joke around together and the athletes talk to each other. Except for Noonan, who is chatting with Braeden.
Final Period begins.
Blue just scored again. 10-9
The game continues, but I'm leaving the wifi press box to try to get quotes.

6 comments: said...

Sounds like a fun game! and nice weather too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!

So many subplots:
Has Albright tried to show up Alexi?

Has Wynalda tried to take out Donovan with a slide tackle?

Has Pete had an own goal?

What a great event.

A.C. said...

It was fun, great weather, lots of laughs. The celebrities and fans had a good time and money was raised for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

How did anyone know about this? 10,000 people went? Hmm, I'm wondering how so many people were aware that this was going on, I would have liked to go.

JT (Chicago) said...

Did Milo V. use any of his abilities to score a couple goals?

Anonymous said...




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