Friday, January 11, 2008

Jazic out

Ante Jazic isn't on his way to San Jose, but he won't be with the Galaxy at the start of this season. Jazic had ankle surgery and will be out 4-6 months.

Jazic, of course, was one of Frank Yallop's first additions to the club. Jazic missed a big chunk of the 2007 season with ankle problems as well.

Mike Randolph figures to get a look at left back but whether he can continue his unexpected standout play on the left side or if he regresses remains to be seen. Ruud Gullit, of course, could always consider bringing in another left back altogether.


Anonymous said...

damn, why couldn't he stay/pretend healthy until the G's traded him...

IMO Randolph played better than Jazic, is cheaper, a lot younger + takes no SI spot either.

so if somebody wants Jazic = trade, otherwise the G's should waive him, since even after 6 months out he needs time to get into shape and ready. I'd rather get some other player(s) for his salary


Anonymous said...

and Ryan keeps on talking. Washington Post article. Move on Ryan, Move on.