Thursday, January 3, 2008

No go for Figo

At least not now.

The former Portugal international told reporters on Thursday that he'd be focusing on his club in Italy instead of pursuing a career in MLS.

Despite our shared first names, I'm not a fan of Luis Figo. I don't dislike the guy. I just don't think he'd make a great addition to the league.

Still, if it came down to him or Ronaldo, I'd probably go with Figo. At least he looks like he's in soccer shape.

Not that Ronaldo is close to leaving AC Milan or anything. Far from it, in fact.

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brucio said...

you werent watching much inter milan before figo got his foot broken this year were you luis?

he really looked fantastic


and i am not in favor of these old guys getting fat contracts out of mls unless they fully bring it (the difference between youri djorkaeff & cuauhtemoc blanco springs to mind)