Friday, January 11, 2008

The gang's all back together

... in San Jose.

Like Frank Yallop, Joe Cannon's stay in Los Angeles was not what it could have been. Like Yallop, Cannon had long been considered one of the league's best at what he did yet neither could recreate that magic with the Galaxy.

Yallop left the Galaxy for San Jose, and he's now taken his preferred goalkeeper with him. The Galaxy received allocation money for the move which lets us know how much they wanted to part company with him.

Joe Cannon was never really a fan favorite with the Galaxy. He'd been a favorite of Colorado fans but his previous tenure with San Jose apparently was too much for some Galaxy faithful to truly embrace him as one of their own. Plus, there was that whole incident Andrea unknowingly triggered with Joe and his future intentions of returning to play in San Jose.

In the end, the trade I felt was the worst trade Frank Yallop made - the Cannon-for-Herc-and-Ugo deal - just got even worse. Yallop blew up the team in December 2006 to get Cannon (the move triggered the Hartman-to-KC deal) and now none of those figures are with the club.

I'm curious to know how Galaxy fans feel about this trade. On the one hand, Joe may feel like Yallop in that he's getting away from what turned out to be a troubling situation and is now headed away from the limelight and to something new. On the other, Joe's talent can't really be overlooked. His move does create a hole, unless Steve Cronin is mentally and physically ready to assume the duties.


Nathan said...

While allocation money is great for a team that desperately needs it, this does leave a serious hole at GK for the Gals. You would think that they would have asked for a player as well. Ivan Guererro would have been a good pick-up, given the lack of depth on the left side.

I guess it could have been worse. They could have asked for Goodson as well.

Anyway, now they have to shop for a keeper or draft one. One more spot to worry about on a team that is full of holes. Can't believe that Cronin is ready, given what I saw last year. But what do I know? I'm not a coach and I don't attend Galaxy trainings.

Now if we can just get a fading Ruiz and his poisonous locker room attitude back...

The Hammer said...

Is Cronin ready? Probably not. Does he have the talent to start? Absolutely.

How do we feel about the Ugo-Herc-Hartman-Cannon debacle? How do you think we feel?

The only thing this does in my eyes though, is take a bit of the pressure off of Alexi Lalas. He's repeatedly said that he never put his hands into player movements, and this seems to prove that Yallop was the man in charge of pulling the strings.

With a number of high priced players being removed from the Galaxy and no pick-ups to date, you have to wonder what Galaxy's going to do with all that money? I'm happy to say that Galaxy has enough money at this point to hire about 5 Guillermo Barros Schelotto priced players.

blahblah said...

I always thought that Yallop's trade for Cannon was not so great. The wierd bit is how much the Gals lost to get Cannon and how little they gained to get rid of him. SF over at theoffsiderules says the Galaxy traded Cannon for some magic beans which I think is the most fitting description of this deal.

Also, I'm not a Galaxy fan but from talking to other Gals fans, Cannon really won them over this season. After hearing yesterday's news, it was pretty unanimous that they will all miss him.

just another one of you said...

so you're saying Joe is one of the best GKs in the league yet all that Lalas got for him was money. How is this not a terrible move? I don't see how trading away a premier player (by MLS standards) and not getting a player back is ridiculous for any team, let alone a team that is full of holes and lacks depth.

Unless this some obscene amount of money I don't see how this makes sense. LA isn't short on cash, and the amount of cap space made by moving Cannon already allows them to add some depth.

This to me is further proof that Lalas wouldn't be able to get his head out of his ass if you gave him a map.

Anonymous said...

good for Joe, good for the G's $cap and for Cronin.

some rated his performances, some didn't. He had some nice saves, but a lot of blunders aswell. Obviously the defence and whole team didn't really help, but that's history now.

In retrospective the trades for the Cannon deal look even worse now!

Cronin after USMNT call ups and good reviews deserve his chances.

I'd like the G's to get a bit an older more expirienced back up keeper though.


artnsue said...

I have always bitched about the Galaxy trading away young talent that had not been given a chance to prove themselves (Sturgis, Findley, Ihemulu, Burch, Grabavoy, Gomez, Ngwenya etc etc etc). I am glad now to see that maybe this is changing and we are giving promising talent a chance instead of dumping them. Cronin, Randolph, and Tudela deserve that chance and actually have lived up to it so far. Let's hope this refreshing change of actually holding on to players and let them develop over a couple years continues with the Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

So what it all boils down to, is that LA traded 3 players (Herc, Ugo, and Cannon) and all the ended up with was some allocation money for it. Sure looks like LA got ripped off again.

Son_Of_Sac said...

I like this move for both teams. Personally as a Quakes fan, I think Joe's a great keeper! For LA, they get the allocation money which they seem to already have spent (mentally at least) on a new foreign star. Figo? We'll see, but we know they want to (again) make a splash. Well done.

IAlso, if you would like to trade links, let's do it!