Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brush up on your Swedish

Can anyone help here?

As far as I can tell, it's an article speculating on the plans of coach Lars Lagerback. Nothing about the U.S. team, other than that they're the opponent.

The paper even has a reporter covering the team via blog, but I searched that in vain as well for any mention of Americans. Well, American soccer players. Ron Jeremy was mentioned. So was Kobe Bryant, Eli Manning and Brett Favre.


Henrik said...

I guess this is where I step in being from Scandinavia.

Lagerbäck goes for veterans.

LOS ANGELES. Lars Lagerbäck is playing it safe against the US.
Established players like Anders Svensson, Niclas Alexandersson och Daniel Andersson is starting on the field.
- I'm not going to rest any of the veterans, says nationalteam coach Lars Lagerbäck.

The nationalteam's wintertour is main purpose is to give talents the chance to shine in Blue and Yellow. But against USA the night to Sunday it is the veterans that is going to make up the spine of the team. Rami Shabaan on goal, Anders Svensson and Niclas Alexandersson in midfield.

Thats the first part of the article, which gives the main points of the article. The rest is a bit harder for me to translate since I'm Danish and not Swedish. But its mainly just the same with a bit of quotes.

A.C. said...


That's actually interesting info. The U.S. team is really looking at youth in this match. I wonder why exactly Sweden is going with veterans. Perhaps Lagerbäck wants to see to see who still has gas in the tank to help the team with qualifying.

Henrik said...

No problem, glad to help..

I think you're right.. In the Danish we league we play fall-spring, but we have a long winterbreak due to the weather, so we also have that wintertour with players based in Denmark or in other leagues on break and its the same concept in Sweden. Actually it was that kind of team that played against the US a couple of years ago. The philosophy of the Danish coach is to take the young talent plus the old players that seem to be could enough to at least be part of the team. This year however there is some controversy because the league topscorer isn't a part of the team. Some people argue its because he plays for one of the bottom teams and is 31, but others, including myself, feel that he should get some kudos for being topscorer and at least get a look.

A.C. said...

He sounds a little like Taylor Twellman, who scores buckets in MLS but still doesn't get much respect. Heck, I realize I didn't even include him in my goalscorers poll, so I'm probably guilty of same. I think TT is good, though.

Henrik said...

I guess a difference could be that, while Twellman has had several chances but missed them,the Danish guy never got a chance..

By the way, who's your favourite Dane in MLS? Ronnie Ekelund of San Jose or Miklos Molnar of the 2002 Championship KC Wizards team?

A.C. said...

I'd have to go with Ronnie - that famous FK goal of his is seared in my mind.

Soledad said...

Oh, it'd be grand if you could translate the part with Ron Jeremy in it. And Kobe. You may edit out Favre and Manning.

The Hedgehog takes priority though.