Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's 1 a.m. Do you know where your blogger is?

Right here at HDC. I think I'm the last one in the press box. It feels like it's about 10 p.m. with all the noise in the press box and in the stands still... clean-up crews are going strong.

This stadium was the site of one of the most dramatic games to ever unfold here at Home Depot Center. America and Cruz Azul played to a 3-3 draw that saw both timely goals, disputed plays and dramatic moments. America prevailed after taking the shootout by 5-3.

The action on the field was only outdone by the atmosphere in the stands. It's not often that we see drama and energy and pure electricity reach the levels we saw on Saturday. There have been large crowds here before; the Galaxy-Real Madrid and Galaxy-Chelsea crowds were comparable in size but this crowd dwarfed those in terms of pure emotion and electricity. America fans literally stopped cheering for a combined 60 seconds. Even after Cruz Azul goals, the America faithful was going strong and urging their team along.

America coach Daniel Brailovsky credited the fans for helping bolster his team's will and fighting spirit.

I'll get back to you later, once this all settles in, and let you know where I rank this in terms of great matches I've covered. I can't imagine it won't be in my top five.


Martin said...

It really was an exciting and dramatic match last night. Because of other commitments this was the first Interliga Final I've missed at the HDC and not only was the weather cooperative for a change (not freezing like recent Interliga Finals have been) but the game ended up being a tremendous one. But as happens so often when one team blows a lead late in extra time (Cruz Azul were up 3-2 in min. 117 before America's Lopez tied it up) they then end up losing on penalties. Cristian Riveros of Cruz Azul was the only player who missed his PK.

So America continues it's recent hegemony over Cruz Azul. And Atlas easily beat San Luis as Miguel Angel Brindisi is turning that team around. This isn't the crappy Atlas of last season and Bruno Marioni and Jorge Achucarro make an excellent attacking duo.

Martin said...

For some reason I can't vote on this website but I wanted to make it known that I like the template which is in use on Sunday, 13 January.

Anonymous said...

"This stadium was the site of one of the most dramatic games to ever unfold here at Home Depot Center."


L.B. said...

Sorry. It was late... or early... and I meant to say scene.

just another one of you said...

Any thoughts on Clint Mathis going to Greece? Can we finally agree that Lalas is cursed as a personnel manager?

Anonymous said...

Though America will be a better representative (read deep pockets and a coach who’s just starting to get it right) in Libertadores, Cruz Azul should have won. The ref made a horrible mistake (I am a gringo but I have to "call'em like I see'em") in not awarding a PK + Red card against America. I'm neutral. It should never have gone to OT. Is anybody else going to bring that up?

I think the jury is still out on the Interliga concept. You should have to earn the spot but is it fair to reward a team that got “hot” at just the right time?