Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The devil in the details

It's the little things, the little, little things that matter sometimes.

Thanks to the contribution of our loyal and kind reader, Dave A, we now have a few extra touches on our new template (see the soccer ball?).

And the 24/7 means that you'll be subjected to my random soccer thoughts when I'm insomniac in the wee small hours.

Thanks, Dave!


L.B. said...

Dave A is awesome! Blog looks way better with his help!

Anonymous said...

LB you are alive:-)!!

Anonymous said...

Good work with the new design.

nice color combo and the little ball makes the "dot" on the i = NICE :)

Keep up your good work and I'm looking forward for all things MLS and LA G's.


L.B. said...

Anon, since I'm not around soccer much these days, I call that barely living. But I do have a pulse. said...

No prob guys! Glad to be of some help. Although, I think the graphics can be improved much further than this.

MikeR said...

Andrea, excellent. The only problem I had with the "565" template is that the "565" had no relation to the blog. Much better!