Friday, January 11, 2008

Interested after all

It's difficult to tell which of the participating Mexican clubs really care about InterLiga. By the squad they sent, it was obvious that Pumas didn't. On the contrary, Atlas officials were hugging each other, cheering and pumping their fists in the air after they won the coin toss to allow them to play on Saturday, so that led me to believe that they do care about InterLiga.

I would have put Monterrey in the first category, as a team that didn't really care about the tourney. They didn't look very good and their results were, yet again, lousy.

Turns out, they may have cared more about it than i had thought. Monterrey fired coach Isaac Mizrahi days after they bowed out of InterLiga.

It seems like a strange move. Mizrahi was brought in midway through last season and had just begun preparations for the Clausura 2008 season. Monterrey brought in Robert De Pinho and Jared Borgetti and Mizrahi was seemingly confident about their prospects for the season.

Now, he's gone. Maybe Monterrey cared more about InterLiga than I thought.

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