Friday, January 4, 2008

Becks and Arsenal

In case you need to see it with your own eyes, here's a link to David Beckham wearing Arsenal gear.

He's going to need to be in top shape when Galaxy camp opens in several weeks. He'll be playing a lot of games this year, both meaningful and meaningless. And what better way to get in shape than by training with an EPL club?


Anonymous said...

but before he does that hopefully he will get his 100th Cap for England against Switzerland on Feb 6th with me watching my 1st game at the new Wembley...


btw: Just an Idea, it would be easier to vote on the designs if you have all of them in one place accessable at the same time to compare them with each other.

May you and your family have a good 2008 :)

artnsue said...

Or is that Billy Idol?
He definitely will get his wind up chasing those speedy young Gunners! I have to imagine this is more about getting his England call up than being in shape for the Galaxy's season almost 3 months away.

L.B. said...

Ben, sounds like you're going to have an eventful Feb. 6! Please share with us the details if and when you go to the match.

Myself, I'll be at home watching the games on TV. Houston is too far for me to go catch US-Mexico. Oh well.