Saturday, January 26, 2008

More from the Elephants

The Elephants vs. the Squirrels. Awesome.

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Martin said...

Ivory Coast are a very enjoyable team to watch play. They move the ball around well, have good teamwork, skillful players, use the wings well and they play hard but fairly. No theatrics from them, they just go out and play. If you get the chance to see them play, I suggest it will be worth it.

In the 2006 World Cup they were unfortunate to have been placed in the group of death and still gave both Holland and Argentina fits. They're a better team now than then primarily because Didier Drogba is now one of the world's premier forwards, Kolo Toure one of the top defenders, Yaya Toure has improved tremendously since 2006 and Salomon Kalou is now a part of their team.

There are other strong teams in Africa such as Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt and Mali but Ivory Coast look like the class of Africa now and I think they're one of the world's top ten to fifteen national teams.