Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Look familiar? This was pretty much the look for our blog in 2007, which I'm calling OG SV.

Anyway, my vacation is nearly over, and I'll get back to posting about soccer news when I get home. I realize some of you are sick of the changing blog looks, but relax, that's nearly over, too. Last chance to vote, folks.

As far as the Fishy trade, well, those LA fans who are superstitious about the Galaxy only being able to win MLS Cup if a Guatemalan scores have taken heart at the return of Ruiz.

Frankly, I always had the sense that Ruiz was unhappy about being pushed out of LA - he always wanted to come back.


JT Soccer said...

Bending the rules again. MLS can be such a joke sometimes. Maybe they can send Twellman out to LA next to make up for denying his move to PNE?

AC, have you heard any independent reports from China in regard to the USWNT's performance against Canada? A 4-0 win is a nice start for Pia. I see that Christie Rampone was made captain for the match.

Anonymous said...

i watched the game live on internet. there was a lot of short ball and lot of possession throughout the game which was awesome. the communication was great especially bt defenders and goalkeeper.

solo started entire game and had 2 awesome saves as well as great stoppage of crosses on corners.

hao player midfield and was amazing in getting touches and passing the ball.

overall, the game was enjoyable to watch. it was diverse. cant wait for next one.

Anonymous said...

Talk about mixed emotions!

Sad as hell for Canada, being a Canadian & all, but happy as hell that everything appears on track for Hope & the USWNT!

jt, Christie is the new Captain, not just for that match. dp, thanks for the feedback.

A.C., the original with this colour is great too! What happened to minima with some colour?

Just change it every so often between these four templates for change! :) Ignore the "fans" that can't handle you taking a holiday! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, anyone know if Cat is injured? I was surprised she didn't play.

Anonymous said...

no she is not injured. they showed the bench couple of times. pia just wanted younger players to get experience and they did great.

the only injury is Becky Sauerbrunn, she collided with a canadian player and broke her nose.

Anonymous said...

ah, the blog now feels back to normal.

Mister Zero said...

AC, as a Dallas fan I've always liked Ruiz a lot and thought the guy was quite misunderstood. Maybe he always had some desire to be back in LA, but he had some good times in Dallas too, and on the field he was lethal in big games. I truly believe this deal will yield amazing results for the Galaxy. As for FCD, I grow more worried by the day.