Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mexican radio

I wish I was in Tia-juana
Eating barbecued iguana

Crazy song right there. Whenever I hear about Tijuana, I either think about that song or the line from Traffic where the corrupt Mexican army official says "Quiero chingarme el cartel de Tijuana."

Anyway, Tijuana will be the site of an international friendly. Mexico will play Paraguay there on Feb. 27. Mexico plays in San Diego every now and then. They were there on Feb. 28, 2007 to play Venezuela and I've seen them play Paraguay and Sweden down in San Diego as well. But Tijuana, that'll be a unique experience.

Tijuana of course is one of the most-visited cities in this region, if not the world. Lots of people pass through Tijuana. Depending on who you talk to, the city has either a bad reputation or a terrible one. Well, that's just my view as an outsider. Jaime Cardenas grew up down in Tijuana, so he'd have a waaaay better view of that city than me.

Whatever the case, I'll be down there for the match. It's actually Mexico's Under-23 team (roster follows below) so it won't be the full national team with all the stars. But I still expect for a huge turnout nonetheless.

Goalkeepers: Guillermo Ochoa (América), Jonathan Orozco (Monterrey), Jorge Villalpando (Puebla).

Defenders: Severo Meza (Monterrey), Daniel Guerrero (Atlante), Julio César Domínguez (Cruz Azul), Rodrigo Iñigo (América), Omar Hernández (Necaxa), Francisco Gamboa (Toluca), Adrián Aldrete (Morelia), Efraín Velarde (Pumas).

Midfielders: Pablo Barrera (Pumas), Patricio Araujo (Guadalajara), Alan Zamora (Atlante), Gerardo Rodríguez (Pachuca), Juan Carlos Silva (América), Edgar Castillo (Santos), César Villaluz (Cruz Azul), Sergio Avila (Guadalajara).

Forwards: Enrique Esqueda (América), Ismael Valadez (Toluca), Edgar Andrade (Cruz Azul), Santiago Fernández (Toluca), Luis Angel Landín (Morelia).


Anonymous said...

Has anyone pictures of the new stadium in Tijuana?

How soon does anyone think they will have a first division team there?

PocketKings said...

If Canada can have a team in MLS, why not TJ? They are too far north for ideal travel conditions in the FMF (or so my father-in-law believes).

Talk about road trip opportunities- as a Chivas fan, I now get to travel to San Jose, next year to SJ and Seattle, and in 2012...TJ!!!(Better leave the kids at home for that one)