Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Last one

Here's the last of our template options. Fire away. Thanks to those who wished me a good vacation. It's going well so far. My cell phone was stolen, though, but it's probably a sign I need to let go of the constant connection and relax instead.

This template is the No. 565


Anonymous said...

I think this 565 is cool (I like the orange)

lots of people have that "connection" bug

I need at least 10 mins access everyday to the web for my soccer news otherwise I'm not relaxed! talking about addiction.

well aslong as you have a backup of all numbers and informed the network etc it's not to bad I think. Enjoy your family and holidays instead.


Anonymous said...

i like, but you seriously need a soccer image somewhere....something to break up the blocks of color.

FC Uptown said...

I think this is the best so far. BTW, did y'all hear Greg Ryan on FFF last night on FSC? He defended himself but continued to destroy Solo's reputation - now saying she broke several curfews and did not seem focused on the whole trip and her teammates agreed with her benching. Props for Ryan taking calls, but will this story please die and will he shut up?

Anonymous said...

this is the best template. it's easy on the eyes and looks professional. i guess a soccer image could be place somewhere.

and i agree greg needs to shut up. if she was that bad how the heck the she perform so well. let it go. he sounds just bitter now. it's his own damn fault.

Jim said...

Like this color second best. (Already voted for one of the others.

Don't like Ryan at all. Self absorbed tool. Continues to heap blame on the players and portray himself as a victim.

Coach said...

The colours of this one are great! Looks clean & crisp like minima did but I don't care for the 565 advertising & some print that I can't read, etc.

The problem with the "links" not being identified without rolling your mouse over the print is an issue. The type needs to at least be a different colour where there is a link. I believe minima identified the links either with different coloured type or an underline? This is needed.

Minima 2 column, left or right, with these colours would be great! If not, the "ochre" if it's not possible to change the colours is good. Clean, crisp, colourful & readable.

Can you change the colours to suit?

If not, with "minima", you can go from ochre to blue to black to white on a weekly basis, you know, for change!

I like change! lol

Coach said...

Sir Ryan, again, it's the punishment of Hope that didn't fit the crime.

I still see no explanation for this treatment other then the "senior players" agreed with me or some such response?

This appears to be getting the media attention it deserves(read not much) so with any luck this is it!

Can't wait till the Canada game, I'll be cheering for both sides! lol

Shirtees.net said...

This one is the best so far. Change the "565" to "24/7" and change that circle photo to a soccer ball and you are on your way.

ghostwriter said...

After all is said and done, I'm going to be in the "don't change" camp on formats. I thought a couple (including this one) had potential, but none seemed better than the "comfortable jeans" of the original.

As far a Ryan goes, he really is proving all the worst anyone thought about him. If he'd have just said, "live and learn" from the very beginning, he'd have come out of this with a coaching career left. I'm not sure that's true now. It's a shame.

I do hope that Hope stays mum.

Anonymous said...

this is the best...since i read you guys early morning i don't want a bright web page sitting in front of me. i vote for this one...can i change may initial vote?

Coach said...

lol Ghost, welcome back, I barely remember what the "comfortable jeans" look like. I do remember thinking, this blog needs a change! :)

This one or minima with colour works for me. Leave each one up for a week, then ask for input. Or not!


Coach said...

The roster is in:


Anonymous said...

hmm i was hoping barnhart would be alongside of hope. she need experience but oh well. hope is back that's what matters

ghostwriter said...

Lots of young players on D and in midfield. Anybody know if any of the games will make "mainstream" US TV?

Anonymous said...

no it wont be televised and there will not be any game tracker as well. so we can only find the score after the game has concluded on the ussoccer website

it sucks

Anonymous said...

definately the best template. you should re-do the voting polls now that we know what all of them look like

Anonymous said...

anyone know any websites that may stream the games online?

Anonymous said...

here is a good article about the usa team and the young players.

"young players want to help replace lily"


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

No. 565 is nice but I like Thisaway better.

BTW, I hope Hope doesn't keep quiet. I hope she blasts Ryan (and Lilly and Wambach) to smithereens!

Anonymous said...

this is the one