Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hope buzz bumps over to '08

Even more lists Hope Solo makes, so her notoriety continues right into the New Year.


Coach said...

WOW, a new look, I thought my comp had been taken over by aliens, :) .

I like it!

meredith said...

it makes me head hurt :|

Coach said...

That would be from last night, Meredith! :}

Winter Classic on NBC right now, great stuff!

Meredith said...

only thing i drank last night was nyquil: darn cold :|

A.C. said...

It's going around, my New Year's was pretty low-key for the same reason. I drank tea more than anything.

Coach said...

Ha Meredith, did you think I was suggesting you drank too much New Years Eve? lol No way, not me! :/

We took in the movie "P.S. I Love You", pretty low key also but better then being sick I suppose! Hope you & A.C. feel better!

O.K. all you soccer Sideliner's that are also hockey fans, Canada just beat Finland so it's U.S.A. vs. Canada in the semi-final on Friday.

Impedient said...

I hope the team is all good and well and movin' on after the incident.

Meredith said...

here is an interesting video clip from dec camp


Coach said...

And another good article that may be of interest to some:


Meredith said...

Some questions

To A.C.
Is the media invited to the camp starting today?

Are you planning to attend any practices?

To Everyone:
Who do you think the final 20 for 4 nations will be?

Do you think she will take all 3 keepers?

If one gets cut who will it be?

Anonymous said...

something interesting i came across..hope solo has a top 20 jersey
pretty impressive group she is in.


Coach said...

Therein lies "part" of the problem with "some" of her mates.

Anonymous said...

any updates from today's training?

Coach said...

Leslie has a new web-site:


Coach said...

Hope wins another award:


Anonymous said...

from the WNT Blog: Kai wont be at four nations tournament due to illness. Damnit! She is one of my fav players

Meredith said...

ty DP
I love how they restart the wnt blog without telling anyone its up again.

Heifitz should be fired.

Coach said...

lol, they are telling us, it's on the web site now, dp was just first to see it, it wasn't there a short while ago. ;)

Impedient said...

Oh no no Kai! Hope she recovers well and gets well soon!

Impedient said...

and thanks meredith for the note. I just checked out the blog and whoa, they have updated quite alot since the very last blog you later entry. Hmm

Meredith said...

Hmmm, is someone at ussoccer reading our comments? ;)

In other new I would officially like to give
a shot out to vitamins A, E and C as well as tea tree oil and my throat coat tea because i think i am finally better. YIPPIE LMAO

Coach said...

I couldn't help but think of Sologate leading up to yesterdays semi-final hockey game between the U.S. & Canada.

Team Canada had it's own little "Sologate" leading up to yesterdays game. The unfortunate part was the jilted one spoke to the press before the game instead of after.

The outcome was very different due in equal parts to the way the coach handled it, the way the goalie & team played & the outcome of the game.

The key point is the coach heaped praise on both of them, nothing negative or comments that could be taken by the back-up for that game suggesting he/she couldn't do the job.

The very key point: No banishment, humiliation or ostrasization!

Take note Coach Ryan & Team Leaders!

Coach said...

World Order Remains, sort of, lol, albeit in OT after blowing a 2-0 third period lead AGAIN!

Congrats to Sweden for winning Silver and for playing a great game!

Coach said...

Can anyone here tell me why the dates on the wnt soccer blog on ussoccer never match up to when they are posted?

A.C.? Meredith? Anyone?

Coach said...

5 wnt blogs were just posted, all dated yesterday!

Coach said...

An interesting chat with Hope:


Meredith said...

Given that the blogger apparently lacks spell-check its not too surprising the dates are messed up on the blog.

Did anyone watch Ryan on fox fone in last night? I missed it but apparently he went on about hope missing meals, bad practices and blaming inexperience players for the long ball. Can the guy not just shut up and let them move on?

Coach said...

Thanks Meredith, I have concluded there is a lag between written & posted blogs on the WNT Blog & that a bunch get posted all at once after somebody reads them for content or something. Whatever, some of them are fun to read, lag or no lag. It's just confusing. ;)

Remember you commented on ussoccer not letting us know about the blog being restarted? They did, with a very short notice on the home page, quickly replaced with a MNT article. At the same time as announcing that the blog had restarted, they posted the 3 blogs from the previous day, making it look like they had restarted the blog the previous day, which they had not. If you know what I mean? lol

Not sure if you're aware of the comments under "Here's Jellyfish", but they touch on the latest "Ryan's Hope".

He appears to be "losing it", along the lines of Hope back in Sept, but I don't have near the concern! :)

At the very least he is coming across in a very bad way & really needs to stfu if he has any "hope" of coaching again.


Coach said...

This should have been posted here. :)

In a recent interview with Hope on K5 news, she confirmed that she indeed did loose 10 lbs in the months following the WC so it wasn't the "slimming" black she had on (your pics from Dec camp) & it wasn't our imagination either.

Link follows if interested:


Anonymous said...

^thanks for the link. good for hope solo to deal with the death of her father and have the strength to move on

rtt281 said...

More BS from Ryan:

"My veteran players told me over and over again that they felt much more comfortable with Briana and less so with Hope because Briana communicated well with the defense"

So it took you a year of preparing them with one goalie before you realized they wanted the other?

" Ryan admitted that he benched Solo for veteran goalie Briana Scurry, not just because he needed a more "reaction-save" goalie but because Solo had violated team rules by "missing a team dinner on the day of the England game," and stayed out "much later" than 11 p.m. the night before that match.
"A player has to figure out how they are going to take care of themselves, and I don't think she was doing that the right way," Ryan said. "

As evidenced by all the goals she gave up in that game.

Please make him go away.

source: http://washingtontimes.com/article/20080112/SPORTS/8340238/1005

Anonymous said...

Shut the f-up Ryan! God he is going on my last nerve. He contradicts himself so much from all the previous comments he made.

If she didnt take care of herself so much how in the hell did she perform so well in all of the matches. this guy is a nutjob. Maybe she was off a little since her father died 2 months ago and she was grieving.

Jesus. He irritates me to no end.

Ryan take whatever dignity you have and shut up.

MC said...

Well, sorry to be so late to this conversation, but Ryan REALLY needs to STFU. I still get irritated when I read negative things about Solo as it pertains to her reaction at the World Cup. I have never thought she did anything wrong. I hate that she felt she had to apologize, but you do what you have to I guess. Ryan was the problem. Ryan is gone. The USWNT will win the gold medal with Solo in the net.