Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm really, really back

Yes, this article is about the aftermath of the Sweden game, but there's other news on the USSP site. We're back to covering MLS! So I get my LA beat back, which is good news.


Coach said...


But not at the expense of the WNT, I Hope!


A.C. said...

Actually, the USSP LA beat includes the WNT, so no worries there. I'll go out to see the team when they get back from China.

howie1976 said...

Hey AC, Welcome back from vacation and back to covering MLS. As one of your first asignments could you please do me a big favor. Next time you get a minute with the Galaxy's new coach Ruud Gullit, could you please ask him why he only spent 1 day at the pre-draft combines and why he did not attend the super draft? I'm sure you can phrase these two questions in a none threatening way. Thanks!