Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And then there were three

Billy Witz of the LA Daily News was out at USMNT camp today as well and talked to Jimmy Conrad. Billy mentioned to me that Jimmy had made a great point about the Galaxy. It seems the Galaxy now have three Designated Players on their roster as David Beckham and the only two players still with the league to have grandfathered their contracts in are now aboard.

Carlos Ruiz is a great player and will help out the Galaxy immensely. I think it's a bit weird, though, that he's rejoining the team. I mean, the team he left is for all intents and purposes a different team now, and I don't mean just the players and coaches. Doug Hamilton brought in Carlos Ruiz and the Galaxy under Doug was much different (and better) than the Galaxy squad we have before us now. Priorities are different. The way the team runs their business is different. What matters to the team is different.

I liked the old Galaxy better. Maybe Fish can bring some of that nostalgia back.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good subject for an article. How the Galaxy have changed.

Anonymous said...

bull. the galaxy started their descent in to garbage the moment doug showed up.

sure we won almost all our trophies under him, but the on-field performances were terrible. our cup defeats in '96 and '99 not to mention our '98 team were far more worthy of cup wins than anything since then.

doug ruined miami and he ruined LA. maybe it was at the behest of AEG, but he was steering the ship whenit happened.