Monday, January 21, 2008

Difference of opinion

Looking over the new SV poll, I thought about how many readers would wonder why Ricardo Clark is on the list.

Blame Grahame Jones of the LA Times. After the game, in the post-game presser, Grahame had a question about Clark for Bob Bradley and he phrased it thusly:

"Bob, I thought Rico Clark played very well today. He impressed me. Your thoughts on how he played?"

Mind you, I thought Clark played fine, but I also thought a little rustiness was evident. He didn't stand out to me in particular as having a great game, but Grahame obviously thought differently.

The first part of Bradley's response to the question provided a bit of comedy.

"It was good to get him back on the field after his (long pause as Bob searched for the right word) hiatus, I guess." The reporters cracked up a little there at Bob's painfully PC choice of words for Clark's suspension from MLS for kicking Carlos Ruiz.

Anyway, I added Rico to the MOTM list in honor of Grahame, whom I respect a lot, even though I don't always agree with him.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Ricardo Clark is the next Claude Makelele!! ;)

Actually, I voted for Guzan for MOTM. Without his two saves in the 33rd minute against Wernbloom, the U.S. doesn't win. Period.

Anonymous said...

Ricardo's strength is that he doesn't play conservatively. He progressively pushes forward in the attack while keeping a focused eye on his defensive duties.

Anonymous said...

You guys and pretty much every other blogger you reference report soccer better than Graham Jones.

Anonymous said...

Qhat's a SV poll?

A.C. said...

SV is short for Sideline Views. We put up polls here on our blog for our readers to answer.

If you're getting our posts from the RSS feed, though, I guess the polls don't show up or something.