Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bob on camp

Here's about seven or eight minutes worth of conversation with Bob Bradley.

At the end, I asked him about Jonathan Bornstein and his trip to Israel. Bob wanted to reply off the record, so I shut off the recorder. Sorry, but I've got to respect that.


Jugular said...

Obviously he has some opinions regarding Bornstein's trip to Israel. Is it that he thinks that Bornstein has a better chance developing anywhere other than Israel? Or is does it have to do more with Chivas USA, something that Bob would know.
Also, I would have to think that the Israeli league is got to be, at best, on the same level as MLS. Why not a European team? Well at least they, Maccabi, can compete in Europe for (maybe not next year though) for one of the UEFA cups.

Anonymous said...

Israel's league is much better than MLS, don't kid yourself