Monday, January 28, 2008

Quotes from the Celebrity Soccer Challenge

Inspiration: I think I want to get back in shape and play on a team. I haven’t played since my late twenties. I kind of retired, but I think I want to start again – get on a team, get playing again. --Rivers Cuomo

I’m going to go upstairs (to register as a bone marrow donor). That’s the whole point of this. --Alexi Lalas

We watched Dare to Dream on our way here. I wanted my daughter to see the documentary on how they changed women’s soccer and how far it’s come. I got very emotional watching, because I was one of the pioneers out there playing with the boys and not getting to play with women. I quit before there really was organized girls soccer. It’s rewarding to see how far we’ve come and to know I played a small part in people’s acceptance of women as athletes. --Elizabeth Shue

I’m new to the foundation, but I’ve witnessed what was going on today and I was really touched. There’s a lot of heroes out there, a lot of people making a difference. It’s just inspired us all. -Jim Abbott

Extreme extertion: It was fun. I’ll feel muscles tomorrow that I haven’t felt in years. --Eric Braeden

I was having some groin issues, but the game was still fun. --Rivers Cuomo

Transfer? What transfer?: We’re not going to talk about that. We’re here for this. --Brad Guzan on Celtic. Interesting use of the royal "we".

Forget Freddy - Andy is the savior of U.S. Soccer: I dominated, to put it in short. It was like – Landon, Mia, and then me.
When you’re as good as me, the play really moves through me. I’m sort of like the Pele man, the John Stockton, Steve Nash as it were, if you were making a basketball to soccer comparison. The Joe Montana, as it were. Who else? I’ll say Muhammad Ali. It’s tough to top. Jordan, maybe? -- Andy Samberg, who is a deceptively tough interview, because I can't keep any questions straight when I'm giggling.

The we're-not-even-playing-on-turf-bewilderment: Actors are very uncoordinated. A few kept falling - I don’t understand. Course, I’d probably fall over in front of the camera. --Pete Vagenas

The perhaps-too-traumatized-by-papparazzi-temporary-deafness: Milo! Milo, a couple of quick questions? Milo? --Me to Milo Ventimiglia, who kept walking.

Previous experience: I grew up playing soccer. I played in high school and college. I loved the game. --Ty Pennington

I used to play here in Los Angeles, with a team called the Maccabees. We won the U.S. Championship four times. --Eric Braeden

I played soccer since I was about eight, up until high school. I play a little bit still, every now and then. --Andy Samberg

I have played soccer, but that was about twenty-five years ago. --Jim Abbott

I played as a kid and I still love it. --Nomar Garciaparra

Soccer I.Q: I watch the national team. A lot of these young guys are new, but I definitely watch the highlights and I’ve been following them. I watch the World Cup and all that. --Andy Samberg

I’m a big fan of soccer obviously. I used to play. Alexi Lalas and Mia Hamm, I’ve played with them before. --Eric Braeden

What it's all about: To come out here and play for Mia and Nomar – I think they’re the only two people who could get so many people to come out for a great cause. --Paul Caligiuri

They’re out here to have fun and they’re doing it for a great cause. That’s what’s the most important thing. --Nomar Garciaparra

It’s amazing to be here, with Mia, who is so well known in soccer and to support the cause. It’s really special to be asked to be a part of it. --Chris Albright

It’s a wonderful cause. --Eric Braeden

We’re privileged to be a part of it and so honored that she wanted us, the Galaxy and the Home Depot Center to be part of it. We didn’t think twice. We said, where and when? --Alexi Lalas

Anytime you can come out and be part of this, for such a good cause – it was a good afternoon. --Brad Guzan

Final thoughts: Unless there’s some sort of fracas in the locker room post-game, I hope to be invited back. --Andy Samberg


JT (Chicago) said...

Nice job with this event AC.

One of the great things about those mid '90s USWNTs was how they came together for each other. Those early matches to raise awareness, sign up potential donors and raise funds for the Children's Hospital in Milwaukee were great fun and allowed so many young fans to meet their heroes, while their parents learned about what we could do.

The news from England that some exciting breakthroughs may be possible soon brings hope but for now, I urge everybody to stop at

and see how they can register.

Thanks for all the hard work AC.

Joan said...

Did anyone happen to mention why Abby Wambach wasn't there?

And thanks to this, I just penciled in an upcoming donor drive into my calendar.

A.C. said...

I don't know why Abby wasn't there - I did ask Alexi what happened to Cobi, who was scheduled to be there. Alexi said he didn't know. Maybe it was like one of those parties where they invite a whole bunch of people and something comes up for a few of them.