Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yallop deathclock?

I've been behind on transcribing a lot of my recent interviews, and I just realized that what Frank Yallop said on Sept. 8th might be an indication that he's aware of how shaky his position is.

Yallop was speaking about Chris Albright's possible return, saying it was probably still about four weeks or more away. Then he added this: "Chris Klein has played very well in the last few games. It’ll be nice to see those two combining. Course, someone else might get to see it."

It slipped by me when he first said it, because I actually thought he said something else. But listening to it on the tape, it's quite clear.

Interesting to think that normally eternally optimistic Frank isn't counting on lasting even a few weeks more.


Kevin said...

Would you really consider Frank Yallop an eternal optimist? I've never spoken to him but his demeanor on the sidelines and in press conferences comes across as uncomfortable, negative and worried. I think part of the Galaxy's problem is that he does not inspire confidence. Granted I'm not in the locker room.

A.C. said...

It's true that Frank isn't the smoothest in post-game pressers. Audio of him at practice shows him more in his natural state - he's quite congenial.