Saturday, September 15, 2007

SuperLiga shadow

I'd been putting up all the cartoons related to SuperLiga, but I missed this one.

I'm actually surprised that the SuperLiga made enough of an impression that it keeps getting mentioned.

Though I'd agree that the Galaxy have had a horrible season, I'd also point out that one must count the SuperLiga tournament, which in fact they did very well in. People may say, "Lucky, lucky." I don't believe you beat that many teams that really want to win(Pachuca, FC Dallas, DC United) as well as take it to overtime and PK's in the final on luck. One game can be lucky, sure, but I'd have to give credit for the team's run.

That's why I'd disagree with Luis and say that this Galaxy season doesn't feel much like Chivas's first year to me. Chivas had no real success in any competition. They barely squeaked by in their first Open Cup game to the Charlotte Eagles in overtime, then lost their second game, to the Galaxy. (Actually, the Open Cup has been a bit of a bogey for Chivas USA - the next year they lost to an amateur team, Dallas Roma, then this year they lost to the Seattle Sounders).

I do remember some injury issues with Chivas USA - namely a scary Hector Cuadros concussion (I thought he was a pretty good player and should have gotten more of a chance)but it wasn't anything like the Galaxy's situation (eight likely starting players were injured and unavailable in the team's last match).

The schedule - I don't remember that being any issue in particular for Chivas USA. Ramon Ramirez was adamant that teams tried harder against them, though, and I suspect he was right.

What was also different is how Chivas USA scrambled for solutions, canning Thomas Rongen and bringing in Hans Westerhoff.

I do agree that the feeling of gloom is similar. One enters the locker room to a lot of the same stoically sad expressions. There have been a few moments of SuperLiga glory, but it's not lasted, especially given the painful way they finally went out.


L.B. said...

You bring up the SuperLiga success and the schedule but nobody will remember under what circumstances the Galaxy had this year just like nobody remembers what circumstances the MetroStars had in 99 (i think) when they had 25 losses or Tampa Bay in '02 when they had four wins or even Chivas in '05. And that was my point; that stuff fades away and all that's left is the record.

Sure, the Galaxy succeeded in SuperLiga and if you take into account the entire calendar year then certainly it's not quite as bad as it would be otherwise. But the league is what's most important to them and that's where they've struggled the most this year. And if they're not careful, it's only going to get worse.

A.C. said...

I'm not talking about what other people will remember, though. I'm talking about my own impressions of the years and what feels similar (or not) to me.

And I disagree on the other count as well, though. I do think a lot of people will remember this season as the year in which Beckham was injured and couldn't help his team.

Anonymous said...

People will remember this Galaxy year as a complete embarrassment and collective implosion, regardless of injury problems. From messing with the schedule to Landon missing a PK with a title on the line, nothing went right for this team. Just like nothing went right for Chivas in 05 and those other horrible teams before them. This Galaxy team joins that list.