Tuesday, September 4, 2007

San Oswaldo hurt

Oswaldo Sanchez, who doubles as Santos Laguna goalkeeper and USMNT Supporters' No. 1 Enemy, will be out of action for some three months, which means he may not play again this season.

Sanchez separated his shoulder at the end of the Santos-Atlante match on Saturday. The injury, which was the same one he suffered last season, will probably require surgery, according to reports.

Here's a story on it, with a picture that some US fans will probably revel in.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture since he is our PUBLIC ENEMY #1. I can't stand that cheap hitting punk...love to see him cry like a little " ".

JT (Chicago) said...

Even though he's now with Santos and no longer with Chivas, I felt bad watching him go down. He was having a great season for Santos and it'll be interesting to see if their success will continue without him making those spectactular saves.

Get well soon Oswaldo.

Anonymous said...

Good for him. Couldn't happen to a bigger jerk. Heres hoping for more injuries throughout his career.