Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Radio daze

Some of you might remember when I had a strange experience doing a radio interview the day after the Gold Cup final. I wound up on Sporting News Radio as I pulled into the Chuck E Cheese parking lot as I had taken my daughters there for some pizza and games. Well, I had a similar experience today but not quite as bad. At least I was home, though.

I got home from the gym and had about 15 minutes before the radio interview was set to start. I got my girls situated in the sandbox outside, got some water and waited for the time to pass. Well, about five minutes before I was supposed to go on, my youngest daughter started crying. Great. Just what I needed. I tried to tend to her but she seemed like she just wanted to whine instead of having something serious, so I let her whine outside. About a minute later, I heard the doorbell ring. Crap. Just what I needed in the background during my radio interview; a freakin' doorbell. I ignored it and hoped it would go away.

Well, the interview on the radio wrapped up and they went to commercials so I had about a minute or two. I checked on the doorbell ringer and it was our pest service. Dang it. I answered the door and he told me that he was here to spray (we apparently live on the biggest ant hill in western Riverside County) but he saw two girls in the back yard. I felt like telling him 'Well, yeah, they're there so they won't bother me while I do this radio interview' but I figured it would take too much time. I told him to go ahead and start and they'd be out in a minute. I ran to the back and told my girls to get inside the house and they looked at me like 'What the hell? You told us we had to stay out here just a few minutes ago.' I chased them inside the house, threw on SpongeBob and went to my bedroom and closed the door. No one was going to bother me there, damn it.

They came back on and I had to compose myself. I felt a bit rushed. The interview went well. I was able to focus in enough time to talk about Chivas USA. Now, of course, the house is quiet except for SpongeBob yelling at Patrick. Pest guy is gone, ants and gophers are dead and my daughters are quiet.

The show is Around the League in 90 Minutes, in case you're interested. Eric Wynalda was a guest host with Peter Brown and Gary Richards. Check them out on their web site. All those shows are great. I download them on itunes and listen to them every day, well most every day.


JT (Chicago) said...

LB, I expected the other chicago fan to be on the air today. When the call came for me to handle the Chicago Fire duties, I was on the expressway. I drove to the next exit and found an empty park. Or so I thought. A bunch of little yappy dogs all seemed to descend on the park at the same time. So I ended up walking around the park as I talked, trying to stay out of range of the little doggies.

Thankfully we get big bucks for our contributions!

Just kidding!

L.B. said...

well, you did a good job from keeping away from the dogs. I heard you and I couldn't tell you were at a park.

Yeah, the money makes it all worth it though... oh wait...