Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quiet US

Despite having an international fixture date open, the USMNT is out of action for now and won't play again until next month.

Do you think this is a missed opportunity here? Do you think the US would have benefited from playing a game, even if it was against a minnow? Or is it not that big a deal because the U.S. has already played several strong friendlies this year and has the game at Switzerland on the schedule still?

I guess my feeling is that it's best to take advantage of the schedule and play games to build up depth ahead of World Cup qualifying. But perhaps Bob Bradley figured it's best to leave players with their clubs right now and that outweighs the positives playing a game now.

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FC Uptown said...

A game would have been nice. BTW, I read that Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are trying to organize a "Celtic Tourney" of some sort. I wonder if they would be interested in having the US too? Not sure of the timetable of it all - but we (US) do sometimes struggle with getting friendlies and tourney action.