Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Open Cup drama

I've been glued to the internet for the last hour or so. I've been watching the Seattle-FC Dallas Open Cup semifinal and it's been a very entertaining match. It's 0-0 at the end of regulation. Seattle's controlled play but hasn't been tidy in front of the Dallas goal while the visitors have had a few chances but have withstood the Seattle barrage.

I'd have watched it from the beginning but my daughters had different ideas.

Anyway, if you're not watching it - it's about to go to extra time - go here and finish watching it. Great game thus far.


Elliott said...

I usually don't attack TV commentators cause it is a tough and thankless job.

But yikes! These USL announcers are the most ill-informed, non-objective pair I have ever heard.

Longshoe said...

I agree on the ill-informed, but I don't care if they're objective or not. They weren't doing a national broadcast, or at least that's not how the broadcast is intended. The games are broadcast on cable in Seattle for Seattle fans and they use that audio for USL Live.

If you're doing a national broadcast and supposed to be neutral, that's one thing. If you're working for one of the teams and do all of their games, I don't mind if you're a homer.

I guess that's the Southern college football fan in me. You should hear some of those guys if you want "non-objective".