Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marsch not out

So I'm watching Chivas USA-Colorado and thinking about Jesse Marsch and how he was suspended for his early yellow on Thursday and thinking that he's watching the same way I am, on Channel 46, and how he's probably taking care of his baby and... and then I see Marsch on the screen.

Huh? He was supposedly on four yellows and Thursday was his fifth and thus he'd be suspended... but, what?

Actually, it was an error somewhere along the way. Marsch's yellow on Thursday was his fourth so his next yellow will be his fifth and come with a suspension.

Ante Razov, though, is not with the team as he's got an abdominal strain.

By the way, new nickname? Sacha "El Karateka" Kljestan. (based on his goal celebration)


JT (Chicago) said...

Maybe Graham Poll was counting the yellows?

brucio said...

kljestan has got to work on his martial arts moves if he wants a nickname like that

his were mighty lame, although i found it very funny to watch