Saturday, September 1, 2007

Landon post-game

Landon Donovan after the loss to Real Salt Lake.

I got there late so there's no talk from him about his missed PK but he talks about a lot of other stuff.


Coop said...

Landycakes, please refer to the league standings. You guys ARE a bad team. The standings don't lie.

PS. Nice penalty kick.

Galaxy fans tired of everyone ignoring this team has sucked since April, not August

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said that any better, coop. How can Landon look that reporter in the face and say that the Galaxy is not a bad team?

And it wasn't 5 or 6 nil at halftime, it was one -zero and you guys blew it.

Your team IS a terrible team and you must face it.

maryna said...

LA Galaxy isn't a bad team.
This is the team with a lot of injuries,bad coach that maybe has coaching skills but can't inspire his team,can't lead,bad transfer policy and awful shedule in MLS.
This is the tean that doesn't have regular starting 11 to play and score goals. Playes play out of position many times without any clue of what they need to do,no tactics is bad way to win games and score point.
LA Galaxy needs new menadger nad new coach to put things together and start to play "beautiful game".

Anonymous said...

The Galaxy are not a bad team. they're playing with heart and determination - and absolutely no good luck at all. They're playing with the hand that the FO dealt them after the signing of David Beckham. That's what screwed the team over.

When your starting forward tandem is Edson "why don't you make that run" Buddle and Alan "another poor first touch" Gordon and the only solution is to sub in Carlos "I can't breathe" Pavon - well, you're in trouble.

By the way, Landon's PK was fine; Romando just made a good save.

Oh, and what happens if the team does just "face it and admit they're a terrible team"? Then you get 6-0 drubbings; you get players not trying. Is that really what you want?

Bravo to them for coming out and showing some fight.

Coop said...

3 wins, 11 losses, 5 draws.

What exactly DOES it take for a team to qualify as "bad?" I'd love to hear an answer...

Let me make it clear that I'm not totally blaming the players. Everyone is to blame for this debacle. Lalas, Yallop, AEG, the players...everyone.

I'll say it one more time. 3 wins, 11 losses, 5 draws. That's bad. Really bad. If you have the worst record in the league, you are BAD.

Enjoy your Kool-Aid!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Landon is saying what he's saying for the benefit of his team. The last thing a team needs, IMO, is for their captain to come out and throw them under the bus. I'd say they were bad if they came out listless and didn't give it a good effort. But that's not what their doing. They're trying, but the overall skill level is just not where it needs to be to be a winning side.

Donovan is trying to build up his team. He stood up in the locker room to take responsibility for not scoring on the PK and realizing that cost them the game. He's setting himself up for ridicule and blame, not his team.

Coop said...

I will give the team major credit for the effort last night, especially after an exhausting game Wednesday. They wore out in the 2nd half, which was not surprising. They played some great soccer in the first half.

My biggest complaint throughout all this is how nobody is focusing on the fact they've been bad for the entire season. The schedule combined with the injuries are murderous. But earlier in the year when they were healthy and had a light schedule was the result any different? Nope. They still stunk.

I empathize with the players. They have to be mentally and physically exhausted. But if the effort was better earlier in the season (and I remember both Yallop and Cannon questioning the team's effort) they wouldn't have put themselves in a position to be frantically chasing points. Of course, Lalas The Muppet's "efforts" put them behind the 8 ball to begin with.

All in all, it's simply a disaster.

A.C. said...

It was Flavor-Aid.

The point there is that impressions aren't always what they appear at first glance. All other things being equal, how horrible the Galaxy would be considered if Landon Donovan had done what he usually does and sunk his penalty kicks?

Anonymous said...

Coop, I understand what you're saying, but you need to relisten to what Donovan said. He said "lately we're not a bad team." And he's right. He's not addressing the beginning of the season - and they've made many player moves since the beginning of the season.

Galaxy have put together some very good games (the Colorado 3-0 drubbing the only exception, when they trotted out basically their reserves - many of which, unfortunately still have to start regardless) and have been unlucky not to win. They're not a terrible team.