Wednesday, September 26, 2007

in the stands

So I am in the stands right now at the LA Coliseum. Santos laguna just happened to be in town so i figured I would come down and talk to some of their players. I have a field pass but im going to take this game in from here. I am like 15 rows up from the 30 yard line. Santos is playing FAS of El Salvador. Not a great match so far. Matias Vuoso already got sent off. Santos is playing their regulars though.


Anonymous said...

why was this game played and who won?

L.B. said...

It was a doubleheader.


I missed the first game.

Santos beat FAS 2-0. They went down a man early, scored with a man down, FAS got a red card late in the game and scored a late goal on a nice Chilena.

It was something called the Copa Independencia, a friendly in essence.