Saturday, September 8, 2007

Expansion time

When I was in college, I worked in retail, and the staff issues there were pretty simple. If there was extra work, more staff was hired.

That was my take when the SuperLiga was first announced. I was surprised that the league hadn't expanded the rosters. It just made sense - if teams were going to do more work, to have more players on hand to bear the load.

Depth is probably the biggest issue for most MLS teams today. The Galaxy are a prime example of that, but so is Toronto, for instance.

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East River said...

The league does need to expand its rosters and increase its salary cap theres no doubt about that. But the roster excuse does not let LAG off the hook. Many teams have had just as many if not more games then the Galaxy and have had to foresight to develop deep rosters. Both Houston and DC United have developed deep roster that have helped them maintain strong league standings while competeing in various competitions. DC United will especially be tested with the playoffs around the corner and their rematch with Chivas in Sudamerica. So far DC has held up well unlike previous campaigns. Good scouting and pressing for strong performances from bench/reserve players is key to a busy schedule and spells of the injury bug.