Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emerging star

Giovani Dos Santos been hyped for so long that it seems almost strange that he's now actually playing on the Mexican national team, it seems a little unreal.

Dos Santos made his full national team debut on Sunday in what was a forgettable match, a 1-0 rain-soaked win over Panama in a match that was abandoned at halftime. Today's will likely be much more memorable as Mexico will play Brazil at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

The LA Times' Jaime Cardenas wrote a feature on Gio. Jaime and I have been wondering if Gio will make the trip to Los Angeles for Mexico's game against China on Oct. 17. That would be nice if did but since it's just one game - as opposed to a pair within four days of each other - and it's quite a long flight, we don't think he'll get called in then.


Anonymous said...

Hey Luis, tell your boy Jaime that Ronnie and Kaka were the only two notable absentees from their Copa America team. By him saying that Brasil was missing "most of its stars" is a disgrace to journalistic integrity and it downplays Mexico's victory, who btw was also missing "most of its stars".

Thanks for your time

Anonymous said...

You think Gio is "hyped" now. Wait until he reaches the level of Ronaldhino and Henry in terms of sponsorships and championships.

I read that Manchester and Chelsea are willing to pay his buyout clause of over 40 million US dollars. So far Barcelon is telling them to take a hike.

His new contract buyout clause is being reworked by Barcelona for 140 million US dollars.

That tells you all you need to know about the potential of this kid.