Monday, September 10, 2007

Dawn Patrol

Ugh, I'm excited about the U.S. women facing one of the dark horses of the tournament right as soon as the competition kicks off.

Really excited. But sleepy as heck. Between this and two MLS teams going full bore, I'm a zombie.

Anway, nuff whining! Coffee to the rescue. On with the show. I'm not really going to do full previews, but let me highlight a couple of the players I think will be worth watching.

Midfield magic: I observed at the USWNT's last warm-up game that they were a team with a bunch of midfielders. That's less true when Abby Wambach is on the field, as she's a true forward, but there's a lot of midfield experience on the squad.

I especially like Carli Lloyd, who has a powerful outside shot that can really change a game, and the controlled passing of Lori Chalupny. Catherine Whitehill is a beast on defense, yet she creates chances going forward as well.

Goals tend to come in bunches, so it's a good sign that Heather O'Reilly got one in the last game.

Yep, I'm ready. Only an hour or so to go.

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