Friday, September 14, 2007

Classic fallout

Reactions from the winners and the losers.


Craig said...

"The postseason is quickly starting to look like an unrealistic goal"

The water is starting to appear as though it's wet... the sky looks to me as though it's turning blue. It appears to me that when one team has more goals than the other at the final whistle they are the winners.

What analysis!!!! Way to stay positive for the worst team in the MLS who just got hammered for the second time in a row against their rivals.

Matt L said...

One of the articles states that the Galaxy had the better of the first half. I didn't see it that way. Not to say they didn't have a chance or two, but from what I saw Chivas dominated the first half. The Galaxy put some pressure on in the second half when they committed men forward, but left themselves exposed to the inevitable counter attack by the Goats.