Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Benefit of the doubt

My first reaction to the US roster on Monday was 'Where the hell is Jozy?'

Later, I found out that he was nursing some sort of injury. Today, I read that he won't travel with New York for Sunday's game at Chivas USA.

So while the fact remains that Bob Bradley didn't call Jozy Altidore in for the first time, now we know that there may have been an injury concern there.

Still, Altidore needs to be part of the Switzerland match. Yes, he's only 17 but he's shown he can play at a high level already and if he's not perhaps the best forward prospect the U.S. has ever had, then I don't know what a talented youngster looks like.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Its one thing to leave a 17 year old off when you have a few established players at the position. We have nobody. Not only that, but watching Fulham this week I was reminded what Clint can do when he is free to roam in a withdrawn forward type role a la NE as opposed to the target forward Bob seems to be pushing. Playing Jozy would free Dempsey to play behind him and Landon to play in midfield.

Let's see it.