Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're ba-ack

The return of Sideline Views TV. Luis and Andrea talk about the SuperClasico.


acer said...

great video...you guys need a camera operator though, some zooming in on you two would have been much nicer than all the background! just my two cents though because I've been in TV reporting for a couple years...keep it up though!

Anonymous said...

i like the guerilla media approach.

saludos, d

Anonymous said...

You guys need a boom mike. the audio is horrendous.

Not surprised by either of your pics. This is the unofficial blog of the Galaxy.

Thanks for trying to revive this concept.

It would help to script out certain notes and commnets form players/coaches that aren't available anywhere. Also, mentioning the supporters of both teams helps draw interest into the game.

its about the fans too.

Dick said...

It is Gordon and not Ruiz who should be benched (forever) by the resurgence of Buddle, particularly since the need to strengthen the midfield is obvious. If Ruiz were up front with Buddle, Donovan could be dropped back to strengthen the midfield. There's also merit to Paul Gardner's recent suggestion that Beckham has been marginalized on the right and would be a much more influential if moved inside. Subject to finding a right fullback, that would allow Klein to play outside right, where he really belongs.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Dick, you make good points. Unfortunately, the Gals had the kind of right back they are looking for in Albright -- before Bozo the Mad Genius sent him East in a salary dump!

Anonymous said...

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