Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New feature

We're not even sure what to call this yet. Luis and I thought it would be a good idea to interview some soccer people in Los Angeles. Because we're different, we each have our own questions, so our interview subject had to be willing to tackle that situation.
We filmed our Sideline Views TV return out at Chivas USA practice, so we thought we'd start this new feature with someone from the LA Galaxy and their view of the SuperClasico. Specifically, someone who would agree to talk to us. People say many things about Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas, but I don't think anyone has ever called him shy.
Check it out, and then offer suggestions for what we can call our interview segment. We were mulling over a few possibilities: Give and Go, Passback, Hustle and Flow. Ok, the last one wasn't a serious option. That's why we need help here.


Joan said...

This kind of reminded me of cop shows on A&E or some channel, what with the distant camera and all. I kept waiting for one of you to pressure Alexi into confessing by mentioning his mother.

So maybe, "Good Cop, Bad Cop."

A.C. said...

I wanted to fit us all into the frame, but I suppose I did put the camera a bit far. Oh, well, that's how we learn. Alexi was a good sport to be our guinea pig. The next one should be better.
The cop references are a bit too criminal. I'm hoping for some kind of a soccer name.

Anonymous said...

i would suggest altering the angles of each person's position in the frame..

sometimes it was hard to make out what luis was saying because his face wasn't completely visible to the camera.

moving the camera a little closer and maybe putting the interviewee at the "head of the table" would fix the angle issue.

Tim said...

Given the regional nature of the interview, I was tempted to suggest "Zonal Defending" for the title... On a more serious note, let me nominate: "Cover and Balance". Aside from John Harkes, anybody with a fundamental understanding of modern tactics will understand these terms...

PS: bash Julie Foudy all you want, but she clearly has a better grasp on the intracacies of the game than many (if not all) of her former-player male counterparts in commentary...

starinyourfire said...

two ideas for a title:

the next pass
from go to goal

i look forward to seeing more segments i think it's a pretty cool thing.

Ben7 said...

have the mic and camera a bit closer, otherwise it's a good start :)

credit to both of you
the sidelineviews blog is awesome !