Monday, July 7, 2008

Two for Chivas' show

I tried to get a story on Brad Guzan and Ante Razov up on before the first Super Clasico of the season, but it got squeezed out because I had written so many other stories on the match, it just got bumped.

So I tweaked it some and filed it again. After all, it's about arguably Chivas USA's two most central figures in their entire history of the Super Clasico

Guzan and Razov have had their ups and downs against the Galaxy.

Brad Guzan lost his first eight games against the Galaxy before posting consecutive shutouts a year ago. He might have had a bad defense in front of him - make that, a bad team in front of him - but the numbers still stand.

Ante Razov, meanwhile, scored both goals in Chivas USA's 2-1 win over the Galaxy in June 2006, Chivas' first-ever series win. In total, Razov has five goals against the Galaxy.

This season, both also played central roles. Razov had a goal and tied the game briefly at 2-2 before the Galaxy pulled away. Guzan had a terrible game but it was indicative of his early-season struggles. Guzan posted a pair of shutouts in his last three games, all at Home Depot Center.

Both players are in much better form now than they were in late April, so it seems Chivas USA has that much going for them.

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mister snarky said...

Nice read. I'm already pumped for the game.