Monday, July 7, 2008

Turning over stones

Bits and pieces of what I've read and wondered about recently.
The Tennessee Waltz with soccer - some are left out of the dance.

Was anyone wondering what Tim Lovejoy was up to since David Beckham's Soccer USA ended? Well, he's still involved with Becks' management company. They're partnering on a new venture.
I wonder if Tim is still a Wizards fan.

Never knew about this squad
- interesting story.

Adu at Monaco

Can't please them all - while I'm just happy to see a real field, others have complaints about the look of grass fields in MLS.


papa bear said...

I agress about how horrid the astroturf fields look, but it's pretty obvious the guy in the last article doesn't live in Southern California.

Otherwise he'd note that we aren't inundated with rain...we actually get almost none (not great for plant life last I checked)
Los Angeles is a coastal desert. Which, last time I checked, deserts aren't normally fertile breeding grounds for lush vegetation.
Finally, he said 'it's not like other sports are playing there'

Other than Chivas sharing with LA which already doubles it's load combined with X-Games and myriad other events Cal-State asks for since they gotta pay the building off. In fact, HDC is probably one of the most heavily used SSS' in the entire league.

Compare it to Toyota Park which has policies in place to limit field usage and you see what a difference it makes. (and northern Illinois is another very difficult place for grass)

Comparing about a team in a soccer specific building playing on grass seems to be getting into nitpick zone.

Also, do you think he complains when most of the smaller Prem teams are playing on fields that have rough patches and rugby lines still faintly in view? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

Yes Im sure he does complain about smaller prem team's pitches. I know I do when Wigan's is basically durt, mud and dead grass.

A terrible field is a terrible field and almost everoyne in the MLS plays on one. Turf is even worse and deserves its own rant.