Monday, July 14, 2008

Teaching a lesson

The Pachuca mascot has a message for Chivas USA. He says to the defeated little goat with the baseball cap, "Go and tell your older brother that we're the real team of Mexico!"
The cowed kid responds, "In English or Spanish?"


soyjimador said...

am i alone in saying that Chivas USA was better than pachuca?

i mean, pachuca must've felt threatened considering they pretty much bunkered down after their go ahead goal in the first half. wouldnt a good team try to extend their lead and make things a bit safer?

Anonymous said...

dude, Pachuca is in pre-season form...

man-from-michigan said...

I think the cartoon is funny, but I also think that cartoon would have been appropriate if they would have killed us on the field. We were the better team out there and I am very proud of Chivas USA for bombarding the goal, even though we didn't win. The match could have gone either way. It was not a beat down as the cartoon makes it seem. Houston v Atlante, now that is a BEAT DOWN!!!


man-from-michigan said...

Come on, no excuses. Preseason or not, FMF teams believe they can walk all over MLS teams, and that's a fact. So every Superliga tournament in which an FMF team loses to an MLS team is due to preseason. Pachuca won, could they have scored more, probably, could Chivas USA win this match, probably. What about Atlante, oh yeah they arein preseason. Last year in Superliga Club America also said it was only preseason and then went down toward the path of worst season ever in less than a year. I believe FMF teams are taking this seriously and will not use the preseason excuse.


King Snarky said...

Pachuca is in pre-season form. That's the truth, but the real truth is that Chivas brough it and didn't quit. Despite putting in the "B" squad in the second half, the came was close.

This cartoon further validates the total arrogance and a lack of respext for MLS teams.

If Suarez makes that pk, watch out.

The Hammer said...

Of all people, I would expect Americans would understand better than anyone that it doesn't matter if you're "better" than the other team or not, what matters is the result.

Isn't that always the case in games between the USMNT and Mexico? Mexico is the "better" side, they hold the ball, they play pretty, etc. etc. etc. but in the end football is about the result.

Not only was that the case yesterday, but that's been the case lately between Pachuca and Chivas Genuine Draft. Pachuca has been as successful as it has been recently, because they've understood that one thing matters in football and that's the scoreboard.

Pachuca is in pre-season form.
Chivas brought it.
could Chivas USA win this match?
They were the better team and you were proud.
Chivas USA fielded a B team.

Are all these true? Possibly.

But I've followed Pachuca long enough to tell you without a shadow of a doubt:

They're also all irrelevant.

Pachuca 2-1 Chivas USA

That's what matters. Sometimes you win ugly. Sometimes you beat your opponents into a pulp. Sometimes you win like Holland over Italy. But you always win. That's what matters.


Pachuca 2-1 Chivas USA

You can be the "better" team. We'll take the 3 points.

Anonymous said...

Thank you The Hammer. Sometimes US fans can dish it, but they can't take it.

man-from-michigan said...

Hammer I completely agree that the result is what mattered! The cartoon shows us getting beat down, which is not what happened. 3 points is 3 points no matter how good or bad you play. Look at how bad Chivas USA has played when we have won the 3 points.

P.S. Not a US fan.


East River said...

I am a US fan but Hammer made a great point. Man US/MLS fans say during the Concacaf Champions Cup "oh but our MLS teams are in preseason or just started the season". US fans others will say to Mexico fans to stop saying El Tri was the better team b/c in the end the US won 2-0 or 2-1 an so on.

Pachuca just knows how to win and they do it when it matters most. MLS players need to learn how to win under pressure big pressure! Moreno, Ngwenya, Donovan, and Suarez all missing game winning or tieing PKs the only one of them being a fluke was the Suarez attempt the others were just easily saved or with Donovan PK it was badly missed.

Looking forward to Houston match against the Real Chivas tonight. If Houston looses don't say "we didn't have DeRo!" That red card he allowed himself to get baited into up 3-0 was the dumbest thing I've seen all year. Talk about letting your team down. At least Clark had a decent reason for his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Hey mallet!

The deabte is about the cartoon, pinhead. That's it.

Go back between your mother's legs and say hi for me.

The Hammer said...

A win is a win. To the victors go the spoils. If you don't like being painted as having been beaten (which you were, Pachuca 2-1 Chivas USA) then don't lose.

Christian said...

Is it a USMNT trait to complain about everything when things don't go their way?

Relax guys, the cartoons always portray the losing team as a rape victim, those who saw the game know Chivas USA didn't get killed. If anything the cartoon is a dig at Chivas Guadlajara since they have a feud with Pachuca as to who really is "Mexico's" team.

get over it already.

Anonymous said...

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