Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On Guzan, Pachuca

Sometimes I have too many topics to write about when preparing my Tuesday PE column. That was the case over the weekend when thinking about what to write. There was the Brad Guzan saga, Pachuca was in town, SuperLiga, the Galaxy is always a topic...

But ultimately I settled on splitting
the column between Brad Guzan and Pachuca.

I had wanted to get some of reaction from Guzan about leaving Chivas USA in the middle of the season. Yeah, his thoughts on Aston Villa are good but what matters more at this point to me are his thoughts on departing the only club he's played for.

However, I didn't want to dedicate the whole column to him, though I easily could have. After all, it's not too often Pachuca comes to play at Home Depot Center. I wanted to see what they thought about SuperLiga and MLS clubs in general. Their reaction was pretty positive towards the league.

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man-from-michigan said...

It is good to hear that Marioni and Caballero spoke good things about MLS. These are the kind of players that will more than likely give MLS an opportunity. I know Marioni decided to stay in Mexico this time around, but I see him coming to MLS soon. I think that they have little more respect for Chivas USA now.