Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red and White audio

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had the original Landon Donovan audio clip on my digital recorder when I was out at training on Tuesday. I played it for Brad Guzan, Sacha Kljestan, Jesse Marsch and Preki. I wondered how they'd react, if they'd react at all.

Perhaps the most telling reaction was not in what they said - at least Marsch and Preki - but how they looked. Marsch had just finished talking to myself and another reporter for about six minutes but then when he walked away I asked him if he'd listen to the clip and he agreed. Once it was over, he just sort of looked down either at his feet or the ground below him. Maybe he was trying to compose himself and not say the wrong thing or maybe he felt as if he'd rather talk about anything but this. Whatever the case, he answered my questions.

After Marsch, I waited for Preki to finish whatever he was doing on the field. He walked over, I shook his hand and then I told him that I'd like to play what Landon said about him and get his reaction about it. Part of me felt as if he would decline the whole thing and not listen to it but he did. The first question - it didn't record my question - was something along the lines of "Landon took a shot at your manhood. How do you react?" He kept looking down as well and he took some time to answer. It sounds like it's just dead air in points but he was looking for words to respond; he wasn't just starting blankly at me.

Here's audio from Brad Guzan and Sacha Kljestan. They really didn't have a whole lot to say, which isn't surprising from Guzan anyway. He's always been able to choose his words wisely.


A.C. said...

I didn't ask Landon about the Preki stuff, but Christian Echeverria did in his La Opinion article.

Landon said, "Yo creo que se hizo mucho drama por eso, yo cuando lo veo [a Preki] lo saludo. Creo que entendieron que fueron cosas de un partido. No hay por qué llevarlo a otro nivel",

My translation: "I think there was a lot of drama created out of that, when I see Preki, I greet him. I think they understand that those things were about one game. There's no reason to take it to another level."

It kind of fits with what Landon said after the game, because my question to him then was if his celebration was in any way related to Sacha celebrating in front of Galaxy fans.

"No," Landon answered, looking a trifle weary of the topic. "But I think we have better things to talk about."

So someone asked him next about Alan Gordon scoring, and Landon said that's when the game really changed.

Sir snarky said...

Not surprised by your defense of LD, but he's usually not an a-hole. That what clasicos are all about. Preki was certainly pissed by the score. He should understand that as a former player. Heat of the moment.

Last year, Galindo and Mendoza mocked LARS and no one said anything. I loved it, but it came across childless after watching on TV.

Weird day, I actually agree with Andrea.

A.C. said...

I was just trying to inform readers, because I noticed Christian's article. For what it's worth, Mendoza chimed in the same article, and he didn't seem to buy Landon's, "It's over with" thing much.

"Ya sabemos que a Landon le gusta burlarse de los rivales, pero será muy su costumbre. Nosotros queremos sacarnos la espinita pero por la derrota, no por sus actitudes. Si ganamos, nosotros no nos burlamos de nadie, porque esa es nuestra formación", indicó Francisco Mendoza,

"We know that Landon likes to mock rivals, that's customary for him. We want to pull out that thorn that remains from the defeat, not his actions. If we win, we won't mock anyone - that's what we're like."