Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back and forth

I linked to audio clips of the verbal jabs Chivas USA coach Preki and Galaxy star Landon Donovan took at each other down below, which provided the topic of my Galaxy-Chivas USA advance.

Really, the storyline just jumped out at me. After all, you don't often have an MLS coach taking a shot at a player and the player coming right back with a jab of his own.

I'll be posting the raw audio of several of the people I quoted in the story. My original thought, and how I went about it, was this: I'd go to some particulars from both sides, play the same audio clip I had below to the said particulars and get their reactions.

I knew they'd all read that stuff before but hearing it now may have brought back some memories and feelings and maybe I'd get a better reaction than if I just would have brought it up in conversation.

Anyway, check out the story and look out for the audio clips.

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