Friday, July 11, 2008

The last remaining ___ player

Sometimes I come up with trivia questions that I know the answers to. Mostly, though, when I think of a question, I don't know the answer right away.

This one, I for sure don't know the answer to.

With Brad Guzan gone, Francisco Mendoza is the last remaining Chivas USA player. So who was the last remaining player with each respective MLS club?

I know of at least one more.

The obvious one to us here in SoCal: Cobi Jones.

Off the top of my head... uh, can't recall. I think Ted Chronopoulos may have been the last original Rev.

See, this is one of those things that takes a lot of time for me to research and the payoff is little. So instead I'm throwing it to you guys. Help us make the definitive list.


RHYbread said...

Does Jaime Moreno count (Do the Metrostars/NYRB even count as a franchise anymore?

RHYbread said...

Brian Maisonneuve - Columbus Crew

L.B. said...

Fc Dallas = Jason Kreis. Right? Think so.

Gene said...

Not that I am an expert on MLS, but I think Joe Cannon is the original Earthquake.

Also, Greg Vanney started with LA Galaxy, though he went through a few clubs in between stints.

starinyourfire said...

i'm not sure on this one but wasn't tyrone marshall an original for the mutiny?

Benjamin said...

Galaxy is Cobi Jones

bcnjake said...

Chicago Fire - C.J. Brown (Still Active)

Matthew Lee said...

Tony Meola by way of Kansas City for the Metro Bulls, I believe.

papa bear said...

If you ignore stint with KC Diego Guitierrez had, he is a Fire Original as well.

L.B. said...

Good responses thus far. What I'm looking for was the last player on each respective team who was on the team continuously from the first day the club began up until he was the last man standing. So far I think it's:

Chivas: Panchito Mendoza
Galaxy: Cobi Jones
Crew: Brian Maisonneuve
Chicago: CJ Brown
Dallas: Jason Kreis
RSL: Andy Williams (anyone else still around from '05?)
New England: Ted Chronopoulos

well... it's early and I havent had my coffee so I'll try and figure out the rest later.

A.C. said...

For RSL, Nick Besagno is still with the team, no? He has hardly played, but he's been with the team since 2005.

L.B. said...

Yes, that would be the same Nik Besagno that was taken right ahead of Brad Guzan. Yikes!

Dave Lifton said...

Here are the others:

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

l.b., I think you mean the last original player, right?