Friday, July 11, 2008

Aww, the little guy's hero

Sometimes I misplace emails, organizing stuff to read later and then find them. So it was with this one from a North Carolina reader, Dean. I actually watched the U.S. Open Cup match he refers to (the Wizards won, coming back from a two-goal deficit) and noticed a very young ball kid on the broadcast. He was dwarfed by the official T-shirt and he had only a vague idea of fetching the ball.
Anyway, I'll let Dean's email tell the rest of the story.
I'm just a reader from North Carolina who
had to pass on a story to you about a great sight from last night's KC
Wizards-Carolina Railhawks game (and a great game it was!). Anyhow,
one of the ballboys on the touch line beside the KC bench couldn't
have been much more than 4 or 5 years old -- he was really too young
to be out there, as he didn't know what to do, and I thought he was
going to get hurt. As regulation time started to wind down, the boy
started to rock back and forth, and then march in place. You know
what I'm talking about -- the ol' "potty dance." Who happened to
notice this? None other than Claudio Lopez, who had seen the boy's
"discomfort" a couple of minutes prior to the end of regulation time,
but he couldn't get the attention of anyone to help the kid out.
Finally, as the whistle blew, Lopez immediately ran over to the
sideline and escorted the boy toward the tunnel toward the locker
rooms. It was hilarious seeing this world class player doing such a
humble thing, while still maintaining focus on the game.

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starinyourfire said...

that's an awesome thing for Claudio to do.