Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sick about it

Mediotiempo cartoons on the SuperLiga continue.

This time, the little Chivas USA goat asks the Santos player, "You got "Championitis" already?" The player responds, "It's better to get sick here than in a tournament that really matters."

In the background - I'm not sure - could be a Revs player chasing the Pachuca gopher with a stick.


man-from-michigan said...

I know that they are just cartoons, but the funny part is that when we (Chivas USA) lost to Pachuca, it showed us all beat up. LOL. Now since we won, the Santos guy just has a tear and now the "tournament" is not important. LOL. Excuses, excuses. LOL


P.S. I am a fan of FMF and El Tri. I just don't like the BS excuses we always seem to come up with when we lose. It gets old.

papa bear said...

@man-from-michigan said...


If an FMF team ends up winning, you can be sure there will be a cartoon of their mascot biting the head off an eagle and skull f'ing a goat while pounding whatever the hell a dynamo is with a metal brifcase of money.

angels82281 said...

Man I would pay to see the cartoon described by papa bear